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Wet haircut. No shampoo, fluff finish.
Time:  15-20 minutes – Price: $15

Child’s Haircut

A child’s haircut is for children 10 years or younger.
Time:  15-20 minutes –  Price: $12

Senior Haircut

A senior haircut is for an adult 65 years or older.
Time:  15-20 minutes – Price: $12

Winston-Salem barbering services

Beard Trim

A beard trim is using shears or clippers to trim or cut a beard.
Time:  10 minutes – Price: $8

Neck Trim

A neck trim is using the trimmers or a disposable razor to clean up a customer’s neckline and around the ears.
Time:  5 minutes –  Price: $8

Bang Trim

A bang trim is cutting the hair on the forehead only.  It does not include blending the face framing pieces of hair on longer styles (which is considered a full haircut).
Time:  5 minutes –  Price: $7


A shampoo is a cleansing of the hair and scalp using approved products.  This includes one application of shampoo, conditioning rinse, scalp massage and complete rinse.
Time:  3-5 minutes – Price: $7


A blow-dry is for customers with hair shorter than shoulder length and includes the use of the blowdryer, diffuser and/or styling brushes.
Time:  10-15 minutes –  Price: $8

Conversely, a style is for customers with shoulder length or longer hair and/or when a customer requests iron works. This service includes a shampoo.
Time:  45 minutes – Price: $35

The difference between the two levels of blowdrying and styling are two-fold.  Any customer with hair that is shoulder length or longer, fits into the higher price (Exception: blow drying after a chemical service enough to see the final color and allow the customer to leave comfortable in cooler weather.) Addtionally, any customer who requests the use of a curling iron or flat iron would fit into the higher priced category. Both services include the use of a blow-dryer or diffuser and styling brushes.

Conditioning Treatment

Upon consultation: $6-$10


We offer quick efficient updos that take no longer than 10 minutes.
Time: 10 minutes –  Price: $15


Areas approved for waxing are eyebrows, upper lip and lower lip/chin.  Facial waxing for men is limited to eyebrows only.
Time:  15 minutes – Price: $10 per area.

children's hair styling service in Winston-Salem, NC



This is a single-process all-over color application of up to 4 oz. of solution
Time: 1 hour Price: $50
Additional 2 oz. of solution $10

This is used when subtle or chunky highlights are desired, using foils or a balayage method.

Techniques used:

Mini Foil:  This is 7 foils in the Mohawk section of the hair only.
Time: 45 minutes – Price: $25

Partial Foil:  This is a proprietary pattern consisting of no more than 16 foils strategically placed to give accents above the occipital area.
Time:  60 minutes – Price: $55

Full Foil:  This is a 25-foil pattern to achieve an all over lightening effect
Time:  75 minutes –  Price: $75

Balayage:  Hand-painted highlights that look natural and give a sun-kissed appearance throughout the hair.  This includes the use of lightener only (no haircolor), but may include a toner.

Ombre:  Ombre is highlights that gradually blend from one color to another.  This includes the use of lightener as well as up to 4 oz. of haircolor
Time:  90 minutes –  Price: $90

Glazing: This technique is used to enhance chance or increase the intensity of haircolor, to blend gray hair, or to add shine.  An all over application can be used on hair 2 inches or shorter, or should be applied to hair sectioned into quadrants with a bottle for hair longer than 2 inches.
Time:  30 minutes – Price $25

Brow or Lash Tint:

This service uses products specifically designed for areas of the face.
Time:  15 minutes – Price $10

hair coloring in Winston Salem

balange hair color service in Winston Salem

Texturizing Services

Keratin Smoothing Service

This is an express treatment, designed to take approximately one hour and last up to 8 weeks.  We do not offer any guarantees without the purchase of the coordinating shampoo and conditioner.  With the purchase of the product we offer a guarantee of no reversion as long as it is brought to our attention within the first 2 weeks.
Time:  75 minutes – Price: $75

Permanent Wave

Includes traditional wrap on short hair.
Time: 75 minutes – Price: $65

Specialty Wrap, add $20.
Additional solution, add $10.

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