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What about licensing for personal care services in the state of North Carolina?

by Posted on April 2, 2019

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Can a barber do everything a cosmetologist can do and can a nail tech wax eyebrows? It all seems so confusing. And maybe you feel like it doesn’t matter. (It does, and we’ll explain why, but here is the scope of practice for the most common beauty and grooming services:
Cosmetologist: These individuals have 1500 clock hours of training and can do almost anything in the grooming industry. Some people mistakenly believe that cosmetologists cannot do straight razor shaves, but this isn’t true; state board laws say that cosmetologists are authorized to remove hair from the body in any way they see fit. This includes cutting, waxing, sugaring, threading, and even shaving. However, it’s extremely important to keep in mind that while cosmetologists are authorized by the state to do this service, typical cosmetology schools do not train graduates to do this service. Therefore, you would want to ask your stylist if they are experienced and how much practice they’ve had doing the service before you allowed someone to use a straight razor against your skin. Cosmetologists may practice outside of a licensed salon only in limited circumstances-for example, when the customer is too ill to come to the salon. Ask lots of questions if a stylist offers to do services in your home or someplace else outside the salon. The NC State Board of Cosmetic Arts is trying to protect you by limiting this activity.
Barbers: Barbers can do almost all of the same services that cosmetologists do in the state of North Carolina. However, while they go to school for nearly the exact same number of hours as a cosmetologist (1528…yeah, weird. No idea why the extra 28 hours!), barbers are not trained in nails or waxing. They can, however, color and perm hair!
Nail Technologists: In North Carolina, Nail Technicians have the lowest number of hours required to become licensed in the grooming industry. As such, their scope of practice is the most limited. Many nail salons offer facial waxing (and ever sometimes body waxing). A careful examination of the licenses hung within the salon will likely reveal that there is one cosmetology license or an esthetician license. This is to allow the salon to remain legal and even possess things like a wax warmer (these are illegal if all employees are nail technicians). Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to witness more than one technician performing waxing services or sometimes even eyelash extensions. This is illegal and potentially perilous. It is relatively simple to transmit disease through “double dipping” in a wax pot (this is the act of touching the customer’s skin with the applicator and then placing it back into the wax pot rather than getting a new stick for each dip). Moreover, without proper training and practice, it is easy to burn a customer with wax that is too hot or cause a blood spill with improper removal of wax strips. With a service that is so inexpensive in licensed salons like Tocco Haircutters, why take a chance at a nail salon.
Estheticians: In North Carolina are also required to earn a small number of hours in comparison to cosmetologists and barbers (600 hours). Within the scope of their practice, they can cleanse and manipulate skin, use electric modalities to treat the skin, remove hair with wax or depilatories, apply makeup and perform lash extension and brow and lash color.
Note that no profession is allowed to do any service that “Penetrates the dermis,” this would include ear piercing, tattooing, and microblading, as well as lancing. These practices are governed under the board of health. While you might be inclined to think that your chosen practitioner is seasoned in the service they are providing, if they aren’t licensed to do so, the government is trying to protect the consumer and its guidelines should be respected. ASK, ASK, ASK and call the respective state board if you have a question. Your health isn’t worth saving a few dollars by using an unlicensed practitioner!

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