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Our first blog!

by Posted on December 3, 2018

Upon launching our website, we asked guests to pose questions that they would like to see answered in our new blog. We thought this would actually make a great kick-starter post and decided to answer some of the questions right here in our first post

So, without further ado, here are the questions and our brutally honest answers!

  1. Where did you get the name?

The short answer is that Tocco means “touch” in Italian. That’s the answer we typically give people sitting in our chairs.  A deeper investigation into the origin of the word, though, reveals that it also means “brush stroke,” which we thought was fitting, as so much of what we do involves brushes—blowouts, color, brow tints! We could go on and on!  Finally, just as “touched” in English can mean slightly crazy, Tocco in Italian can also translate to eccentric.  While we’re all clearly a little crazy, we honestly believe that our business model is very different than anything else in the marketplace and we’re proud that our name reflects that! (BTW, people sometimes call us “Taco” and we don’t necessarily care—who doesn’t like tacos?—but it’s pronounced TO-KO.)

  1. Is Tocco a chain?

Tocco Haircutters is locally owned.  We’re blessed to have owners who have different areas of business acumen and particularly, one owner who has a massive background in branding. That owner worked for Bank of America and is an actively alumna member of a national sorority, (shout out to Tri Sigma!), both of which gave her lots of experience in knowing what it takes to make Tocco easily identifiable.  We wish we’d started counting how many times people have said to us, “we think of you as the ‘orange salon.’” So no. We’re not a chain. But we think like one.

  1. We hear you say “community” a lot. What does that really mean?

Because we’re locally-owned, and our owners actually work in the salon, we know what it is to live right here and work, worship and play with our neighbors. Our adult children are friends with clients and it’s not unusual for one of the owners to be working at the front desk and say to someone, “Thanks so much for supporting me by coming here for your haircare needs.” Local ownership means that we have a vested interest in your children and your families and your lives. So we donate A LOT to the local schools, believing that kids that are well-educated make a better community. We also donate to local charities and groups that share our values. One of the things that we’re generally very quiet about is that we give free haircuts to children who are in the care of Crosnore. All day every day.  We don’t put the kids’ names in the computer and we don’t let anyone else in the store at the time know that there’s anything different about these little customers. We’ve watched grown men cry over this outpouring of love for our community. We live, worship, and play with you and we love that you let us love you.

  1. How do you feel about having a competitor in the same shopping center?

Yep. There’s another salon in the shopping center.  We don’t consider them a competitor, though.  At Tocco, unlike a full-service salon, we focus on ala carte pricing and convenience. That means with us, you pay less for a haircut than you would if you wanted a shampoo/cut/style. If you forgot to make an appointment at your regular place and need a quick color? Walk right in. Woke up with bedhead that you can’t tame? We got you. Based on our business model and efficient systems, someone will generally be with you within 20 minutes, if there’s already someone in everyone’s chair. While we are definitely no-frills, if a cappuccino is important to you while your color processes, we’re happy to get you one from Baked Just So next door and add it to your bill at check out! Feel free to come as you are and let us show you how we’re a great fit for families on a budget, whether your budget is time or money!

  1. How is teamwork different in your salon?

Most salons either rent their stations out to stylists (so the stylist pays a certain amount to work there and then keeps the rest of his/her profits) or pay a percentage of the stylist’s sales to an employee. Then they call that a team. (Wait, what?) We feel that both of these methods of compensation lead to competition in the salon instead of collaboration, so we pay our employees hourly, just as people are paid in other professions. We spend a lot of time talking about how we’re collectively responsible for everything that happens in our work home and that leads to everyone pitching in for everything! We skill-certify everyone on every service we offer and no one is allowed to do a service until they’ve proven their skill on a friend or family member. This is why sometimes you have one stylist applying your color, another one shampooing it out and still another cutting and blow-drying your hair. Besides, since our haircutters are not incentivized by selling you things you don’t want or need, only products and services that solve your hair problems are recommended!

Thanks for reading our humble blog! You can look forward to a new one every week!

“We’re all immortal, as long as our stories are told.”
― Elizabeth Hunter, The Scribe

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